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Haleiwa, Oahu. Hawaii Fishing Charters

Charter Fishing Hawaii

A special breed of angler flocks to this nook of the world, where fishing lore is born. Hawaii sport fishing is home to legendary tales of hour-long fights, reel-spooling runs, and an angry marlin majestically soaring above the water to shake off a lure. This is Hawaii fishing, reel peeling, line screaming, pin you to the gunwale action.

Marlin Fishing Hawaii

Hawaii Marlin fishing is a team sport. Blue Marlin are at the top of the ocean’s food chain, and in Oahu Hawaii, they fear nothing. Selecting an experienced fishing crew is crucial. If you are fishing in Oahu, Hawaii and want to land a big Blue Marlin, you need the experienced well-seasoned crew of the Hawaii fishing charter, Kuuloa Kai.

Skipjack Tuna abound in the waters off Haleiwa, Hawaii because the sea mounts attract and hold them. They aren’t alone: Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin, and Sailfish all love to feast on Skipjack Tuna. The waters are teeming with the hunters and their prey. When the Billfish schools arrive in Hawaiian waters to fatten up during their pelagic migrations, Oahu big game sport fishing is pole-busting.

Deep Sea Fishing Oahu, Blue Water Hawaii Fishing

Pelagic game fish, such as Blue Marlin (Au), Wahoo (ono), Dolphin Fish (Mahimahi) Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi) and Skipjack Tuna (Aku) tend to prefer deep blue water, ranging from the surface to about 1,000 fathoms. Hence the term Blue Water Fishing. The rule of thumb is the deeper the water the bigger the fish. Yet, monster fish have been caught just out side the harbor in Oahu Hawaii, so its just a rule of thumb. You never know when or where a big fish will strike. The Kuuloa Kai Hawaii fishing team is prepared to hook up and boat a big fish at all times.

Deep Sea Fishing Waikiki, Deep Sea Fishing Honolulu

Oahu Hawaii deep sea fishing centers around floaters and Hawaii Fish Aggregation Devices (FAD). “Floaters”, the term fishermen call flotsam, act as nurseries for many pelagic species. Where there is food you will find big predators. Hawaii FADs act as virtual floaters creating this food chain. Deep sea fishing Hawaii concentrates around FADs in Oahu. Due to heavy shipping traffic, FADs are not positioned as densely on the Honolulu side of the island of Oahu. Deep sea fishing Honolulu means long travel times. The North Shore has access to 4 Hawaii FADS.

The beauty of the windward side is that we get floaters blown to us first and have several Oahu FADs to choose from. Another rule of thumb: the choppier the water the better the bite. This makes Haleiwa the ideal fishing venue. You fish where the fish are. And on Oahu, Haleiwa is the hottest fishing venue.

Yellowfin Tuna Fishing Hawaii

Oahu, Hawaii’s world-famous North Shore may be a surfer’s paradise. But its best-kept secret is that it is also one of Hawaii’s hottest big game fishing locations. Massive schools of big Yellowfin Tuna visit Haleiwa, Hawaii’s coast every year. Because of this annual migration, it is home to Haleiwa, Hawaii’s North Shore Hanapa’a Jackpot Fishing Tournament.

Of course, Hawaii is famous for Ahi, the Yellowfin Tuna. Hooking one of these is blue water big game fishing at its best. Yellowfin Tuna, pound for pound, are some of the hardest fighters ever built. Just imagine, the Hawaiian State record was 356 pounds of muscle. Indeed, Yellowfin Tuna are true heavy weights bursting with brute strength. They are a tough fighting fish with a fast recovery rate. They will mix deep dives with long, fast runs to test both angler and tackle. This is Hawaii fishing at its best.

Hawaii Fishing for Mahi and Ono

Close to the top of the ocean’s food chain are Mahimahi, also known as Dolphin Fish and Ono, called Wahoo elsewhere. These predators are great fun to catch. When Haleiwa, Hawaii’s Mahimahi season is in full swing, multiple hookups are common. Hawaii fishing is about pure adrenaline pumping action.

Hawaii Deep Sea Fishing with Light Tackle

Let’s not forget those plentiful Skipjack Tuna, called Aku in Hawaii. Although they are the feeders for all the big game fish, catching 5 to 20 pounders on light tackle is a kick in the pants. These babies fight like torpedos.

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