Your Oahu Hawaii Sport Fishing Guides Crew

Kuuloa Kai Big Game Fishing Crew History

The captain was born in Hollywood, California.
The 1st Mate guide was born in Palo Alto, California

Both are dedicated outdoor people who like water and dirt: better described as fishing, surfing and dirt-bike riding.

Their interest in fishing can be traced to their younger days when their father took the family on fishing vacations to Mexico. They often visited places such as Guymas, San Carlos Bay, San Felipe, and Ensenada. Later, while living near Redondo Beach, the Captain became a dedicated surfer.

After the captain graduated from high school, he was about to be drafted into the Vietnam War. Instead he enlisted in the Army, because they guaranteed him a hitch in Hawaii—where he could test the famous surfing spots.

In 1972, the captain was assigned to the 25th Infantry at Schofield Barracks in the Adjutant General (AG) company where he remained for three years. His rank at discharge was sergeant.

The captain liked Hawaii so much he decided to stay and went to work at Waimea Falls Park and attended Leeward College. It didn’t take too long before his interest turned back to fishing. He started by attaching a fishing pole to his surfboard and trolling by knee paddling along the shore. Next, it was trolling with his 16 ft Hobie Cat. Finally in 1982, he acquired the first Kuuloa Kai, a 24 ft Glasply, got into some serious fishing and eventually started the Kuuloa Kai Charter Fishing Business.

After finishing High school, the 1st mate followed his brother to Hawaii and worked for a number of years at the Waimea Falls Park as a mechanic. He prefers the fishing life and has the fisherman’s touch, and runs the activity on the back deck—setting trolling lines, chumming bait, hooking fish, helping guests land fish, and doing whatever else he can to be sure the charter’s guests enjoy their fishing excursion.

Blue Marlin fishing is a team effort. This is the winning team you need. The team will guide you through the fight, every step of the way.