13 fishing inception review

13 Fishing Inception Review: a Baitcasting Reel for Big Fish

The 13 Fishing Inception sits atop the brand’s lineup as a versatile and powerful baitcasting reel. With features like a lightweight yet rigid frame, oversized carbon fiber drag, and Japanese cut gears, it’s built to handle big fish.

In this in-depth review, I’ll share my experiences testing the Inception against tough species. You’ll see how it provides unrelenting cranking power and control to finally gain the upper hand against hard-fighting fish. I’ll also break down the key features and real-world benefits that make this a go-to reel for serious anglers.

Overview of the 13 Fishing Inception Baitcaster

The Inception is 13 Fishing’s premier all-around baitcasting reel, offered in right and left-handed models. It’s available in 6.6:1 and 8.1:1 gear ratios to match different applications.

Key features that aid its fish-fighting power include:

  • Durable aluminum frame and graphite side plates
  • Huge 25 lb max drag from carbon fiber washers
  • Japanese Hamai brass gears for precision
  • Sealed drag to keep out water and debris
  • 7+1 shielded stainless bearings
  • Easy to control centrifugal and magnetic brakes
  • High capacity, lightweight spool design

This blend of strength, smoothness and control promises to handle anything hooked. But does it deliver when battling real monsters? I put it to the test.

Testing the Inception Against Tough Freshwater and Saltwater Species

I rigorously tested the Inception against some of the hardest fighting fresh and saltwater species:

Striped Bass: Ripped 40+ inch fish from strong currents easily. No slipping or issues in saltwater.

Blue Catfish: Smooth tension quickly tired out heavy cats diving into cover. No flexing under extreme strain.

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Chinook Salmon: Stopped 10+ lb bulls dead in their tracks. Instantly re-engaged if they escaped briefly.

Largemouth Bass: Lightning fast hooksets on bass hugging cover. Zero backlash engaging/disengaging against vegetation.

No matter the size of fish or adversity, the Inception maintained complete control from hookset to landing. This reel is simply built for domination.

Standout Features and Real-World Benefits

What enables this unmatched fish fighting performance? The Inception owes it to features like:

Sturdy Frame and Components

The CNC aluminum frame and machined brass gears hold up to massive cranking torque without any flex or slippage when hooked to big fish.

Oversized Carbon Drag

The huge 25 lb max carbon fiber drag provides unrelenting tension. Big fish quickly tire out instead of taking line against the smooth, steady resistance.

Sealed Drag System

The sealed design keeps water and grit out, maintaining full drag strength even after dunking. Fish get no advantage.

Configurable Brake System

The external magnetic and centrifugal brakes allow perfect tuning for any lure and condition. Backlash nightmares are a thing of the past.

7+1 Bearings

Seven shielded bearings plus a zero-play anti-reverse bearing deliver incredible cranking smoothness even under extreme load strain.

Thanks to these performance attributes, the Inception offers the smooth power and reliability needed to subdue large, powerful fish.

How the Inception Compares to Similar Reels

The Inception has some close competitors like:

  • Shimano Curado K – Also very durable but slightly less max drag
  • Daiwa Tatula SV TW – Lighter weight but costs a bit more
  • Abu Garcia Revo Toro Beast – Heavier but insane power
  • Lew’s Tournament Pro – Great value but not as refined
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While not perfect, the Inception combines proven power, reasonable cost, smoothness and reliability in a way other reels can’t match. It has the guts for total control over hard chargers.

Final Verdict on the 13 Fishing Inception Reel

After extensive testing, the Inception has won my confidence thanks to its vice-like power when battling big fish. It simply enables you to gain control and dictate terms against the most aggressive bruisers.

While cheaper options exist, the performance and durability justify the moderate cost. If heartbreaking break-offs have you frustrated, upgrade to the Inception to finally turn the tables in your favor. This is THE reel for landing your personal best.