G. Loomis E6X Inshore review featured

G. Loomis E6X Inshore Rod Review: My 3-Month Follow-up

As any experienced inshore angler knows, having a sensitive yet durable rod that’s versatile enough to handle an array of lures and techniques is a must. The G. Loomis E6X Inshore series meets that need, delivering remarkable strength, sensitivity, and fishability in a lightweight package.

After spending countless hours putting several of these rods to work on species like redfish, snook, and trout, I’m thoroughly impressed by their well-balanced performance. Keep reading for a detailed look at what makes the E6X live up to its reputation as a top-shelf inshore rod.

G. Loomis E6X Inshore Review: Lightweight Rod and Sensitive E6X Blanks

At the heart of every rod is the blank material, and G. Loomis is known for innovative technology when it comes to graphite. The E6X utilizes a blend of high-modulus graphite that maximizes strength and responsiveness while reducing overall weight.

The taper profile and cross-section are also specially engineered to produce a lightweight yet astoundingly rigid rod blank. The results are immediately noticeable when palming the reel seat or lifting the rod tip – an incredibly thin, lively feel free of excess weight.

Yet despite its wispy feel, the E6X has plenty of backbone thanks to the expertly engineered graphite composition. You’ll come to appreciate its strength and power when battling bulldog fish up close.

Sensitive and Durable Construction

In addition to premium graphite blanks, G. Loomis paid close attention to components like guides and reel seats to produce a complete rod optimized for inshore fishing:

  • Sic guides require less guide maintenance than stainless steel options. They hold up well to saltwater exposure.
  • Tactile reel seat knobs provide grip for wet hands. The reel stays locked down securely.
  • Premium-grade cork handles provide all-day comfort and control. The thin rear handle makes palming easy.
  • Rod lengths and actions are tuned for accurate casts and presenting baits properly. The tips are thin but avoid being “noodly”.
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The quality components and cork handles enable the sensitive E6X blanks to really shine. These rods convey even subtle bites telegraphed through the line without muffling feedback.

Impressive Strength in a Light Package

Despite their lightweight feel, the E6X rods possess impressive backbone and leverage when needed for turning and stopping strong fish.

The fast action models have enough reserve power in the lower blank to muscle bruiser snook away from structure and turn redfish from cover. The specially engineered graphite really shines here, providing additional strength at the bottom of the rod.

Yet the tips remain flexible enough for casting light lures and protecting fine leaders. G. Loomis found an ideal blend of power and finesse in these inshore-specific actions.

Available Models for Any Inshore Species

G. Loomis offers the E6X in a range of lengths, powers, and actions perfect for targeting common inshore species:

  • 6’8’’ – 7’6’’ spinning rods in medium power – Ideal for finesse fishing with soft plastics for trout, snook, and redfish. Quick tips for casting accuracy.
  • 7’ – 7’6’’ medium heavy spinning rods – Provide more leverage and backbone for working shorelines for larger redfish, jacks, and snapper. Versatile all-around models.
  • 6’8’’ – 7’6’’ medium heavy casting rods – Excellent for tossing diving plugs, spoons, and light jigs for schooling fish. Also great for topwaters.

Having this range makes it easy to equip the E6X specifically for your target species and favored techniques. I especially like the 7-7’6’’ medium heavy spin rods for all-around inshore fishing.

Ideal Ergonomics for All-Day Fishing

A rod needs to not only perform well but provide comfort and control during long days on the water. The E6X delivers here too:

  • Premium cork handle grips – Provides cushion and tackiness even when wet. Never slips in the hand. Thin for improved sensitivity.
  • Tactile contrasting graphite reel seats – Slim profile doesn’t abrade hands yet provides positive grip for leverage.
  • Light overall weight – Reduces forearm fatigue compared to heavier rods when working tops or cranking all day.
  • Hook keeper and rod tip protection – Essential details for preventing annoyances when fishing hard.
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The end result is a well-balanced rod that feels great in hand from the first cast to the final fish landed at dusk. Little touches make a big difference for all-day fishing comfort.

Nitpicking the Shortcomings

For a premium rod designed for discerning anglers, any complaints about the E6X are extremely minor:

  • Roller guides would allow line to flow smoother when using braided lines. Easy to change out guides.
  • Components look a bit dull for a premium rod. Mostly a visual preference.
  • Paint on graphite tends to scuff and wear over time at contact points. Does not affect performance.

When it comes to actual performance and durability, I found no weak points or flaws that would detract from the E6X’s fishability. Any minor gripes come down purely to personal preferences.

Final Verdict After Extensive Testing

After many days spent sight fishing the flats and soaking bait around structure this past year, here is my final take on the G. Loomis E6X Inshore series:


  • Incredibly sensitive and lightweight
  • Excellent strength and power
  • Purpose-built lengths and actions
  • Premium quality components
  • All-day comfort


  • Guides prone to grooving braided lines
  • Visuals not overly premium
  • Paint wear over time

The E6X balances so many vital needs of the inshore angler while remaining impressively lightweight. The specialized graphite provides the ideal blend of sensitivity for detecting delicate bites and power for turning tough fish.

Add in thoughtful ergonomic details and a range of sizes tailored specifically to common inshore species, and the E6X becomes a true performance partner that covers all the bases.

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Inshore anglers who spend long days on the water need a versatile rod up to the challenges that await. Whether you’re fan casting to laid-up reds in the marshes or soaking crab around a bridge piling, the E6X allows you to fish confidently knowing your gear can handle whatever bites come its way.

The impressive technical performance and fine-tuned fit and finish justify the investment for serious inshore enthusiasts who rely on their equipment daily.

After extensive testing from boat and shore this past year, I can say with confidence the G. Loomis E6X Inshore rods live up to their stellar reputation by delivering lightweight versatility combined with the strength and reliability needed from quality tackle. They offer the total package for tackling inshore species.