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Mystery Tackle Box Review: Everything You Need to Know

Mystery Tackle Box is a monthly bait and tackle subscription service for anglers looking to try new products, discover up-and-coming lures, and stock up on fishing gear without breaking the bank. With customizable box options for bass, inshore, trout, panfish, catfish, walleye and multi-species fishing, Mystery Tackle Box aims to send fishermen the best baits and tackle to target the species of their choice.

This Mystery Tackle Box review will cover everything you need to know about this popular monthly tackle subscription, from the different box types to pricing, unboxings, product quality and more. Read on to learn if a tackle subscription from Mystery Tackle Box is right for you.

Overview of Mystery Tackle Box

Founded in 2012 by anglers for anglers, Mystery Tackle Box, aka MTB, is one of the original monthly bait and tackle subscription boxes on the market. The premise is simple: each month, subscribers receive a box filled with 5-10 lures, baits and tackle selected for the type of fishing they enjoy, whether bass, inshore, trout, etc.

Mystery Tackle Box offers the element of surprise and discovery, allowing anglers to try out new gear without having to make the investment upfront. Unboxing a Mystery Tackle Box is like opening a gift – you never know exactly what you’ll find inside.

The company partners directly with tackle brands to feature new products and up-and-coming lures in their monthly boxes. This gives anglers unique access to test out gear that often isn’t yet available at mainstream retailers.

Mystery Tackle Box Options

mystery tackle box regular

Mystery Tackle Box offers several subscription options to match different fishing styles and species preferences:

Bass Box

The Bass Box delivers lures, plastics and tackle specifically for bass fishing. With a combination of tried-and-true bass baits and new products, it covers everything from topwaters to jigs to soft plastics.

Inshore Saltwater Box

Targeting redfish, speckled trout and other inshore species, the Inshore Box features saltwater lures like topwaters, jerkbaits, jig heads and soft plastics.

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Trout Box

For trout fishermen, this box contains a mix of hard and soft lures like crankbaits, spoons, spinners and jigs.

Walleye Box

Get a monthly delivery of walleye essentials like crankbaits, bottom bouncers, spinner rigs and jigs.

Panfish Box

Filled with tackle to catch crappie, bluegill, perch and more, the Panfish Box features small cranks, mini jigs, soft plastics, bobbers and other panfish gear.

Catfish Box

Target big catfish with a variety of bait options like cut baits, dip baits, bloody baits and soft plastics.

Multi-Species Box

Can’t decide on just one species? The Multi-Species Box has lures and tackle to cover everything from bass and trout to inshore fishing.

Karl’s Mystery Tackle Box

Named after founder Karl, this box features his favorite picks regardless of species, from proven lures to unique baits.

Monthly, 3-Month, 6-Month and 12-Month Subscriptions

mtb elite option

Anglers can purchase Mystery Tackle Box as a month-to-month subscription or save money by signing up for 3, 6 or 12 month plans.

There are three subscription levels, the mystery tackle box regular, the mystery tackle box pro, and the mystery tackle box elite:

Regular Box:

  • Monthly: $19.99/month for 5 baits
  • 3 Months: $57 ($19.99 x 3 months) with free tackle storage
  • 6 Months: $108 ($19.99 x 6 months) with free tackle storage
  • 12 Months: $198 ($19.99 x 12 months) with free Googan Squad rod

Pro Box:

  • Monthly: $29.99/month for 6-7 baits
  • 3 Months: $84 ($29.99 x 3 months) with free tackle storage
  • 6 Months: $162 ($29.99 x 6 months) with free Googan Squad rod
  • 12 Months: $297 ($29.99 x 12 months) with free Googan Squad rod

Elite Box:

  • Monthly: $39.99/month for 8-10 baits
  • 3 Months: $111 ($39.99 x 3 months) with free tackle storage
  • 6 Months: $216 ($39.99 x 6 months) with free Googan Squad rod
  • 12 Months: $399 ($39.99 x 12 months) with free Googan Squad rod
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The Pro and Elite subscription levels give you more baits per month and access to premium gear.

Mystery Tackle Box Unboxing and Reviews

mystery box

Here’s a look inside a real Mystery Tackle Box to showcase the kind of gear and brands you can expect:

This Bass Box included the following lures and tackle:

  • KVD Perfect Plastics Ocho 5” Swimbait
  • Luck-E-Strike RC2 Square Bill Crankbait
  • Biovex Vibe Jig
  • Stanley Ribbit Frog Popper
  • Gamakatsu EWG Monster Hooks
  • YUM Dinger Worms

Along with the fishing tackle subscription, each box includes a booklet that breaks down each item along with tips on how to fish them.

Anglers rave about the consistent quality of gear in every box, every month, as well as the opportunity to discover new fishing lures, plastics and tackle they might not have tried otherwise. The surprise factor keeps the excitement going month after month.

According to customer reviews, Mystery Tackle Box stands out for its level of customization. Subscribers can update their box preferences, species and fishing style at any time to dial in gear that matches their needs.

Many reviewers say Mystery Tackle Box has helped them catch more – and bigger – fish by expanding the variety of lures in their tackle arsenals. The boxes also introduce fishermen to new techniques for fishing different lures.

Is Mystery Tackle Box Worth It?

mystery tackle box pro bass fishing kit

For many anglers, the value and excitement of discovering new gear makes Mystery Tackle Box well worth the monthly investment.

At $19.99/month for 5 lures and tackle items, Mystery Tackle Box offers savings over buying gear individually at full retail price. The monthly surprise factor also appeals to fishermen who enjoy mixing up their tackle selection.

The only downside some reviewers cite is receiving tackle that doesn’t quite match their fishing style or species preference during a particular month. However, Mystery Tackle Box’s great customer service makes it easy to provide feedback to improve future boxes.

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How to Sign Up for Mystery Tackle Box

Ready to start a Mystery Tackle Box subscription? Signing up is quick and easy online.

First, select your subscription plan – monthly, 3-months, 6-months or yearly – as well as box type based on the species you target.

Next, fill out your preferences like fishing style (shallow water, deep water, etc), lure types you like to fish (topwaters, crankbaits, soft plastics, etc.) and brands you love.

The more detail you provide, the better Mystery Tackle Box can tailor your monthly boxes. Make sure to update your profile if your fishing style or preferences change.

Once signed up, you’ll receive tracking information for your first box, then continue getting a surprise tackle delivery each month of your subscription.

Mystery Tackle Box: Fun Monthly Gear for Anglers

Unboxing a monthly Mystery Tackle Box is like Christmas morning for fishermen. With high-quality lures and tackle picked specifically for your fishing style and species preferences, it’s a great way to test out new gear and stay stocked up for every fishing trip.

The element of surprise, combined with the chance to try lures you might never buy on your own, has made Mystery Tackle Box one of the most popular monthly subscription boxes among freshwater and saltwater anglers alike.

So if you’re looking to change up your tackle selection and discover the next hot lures before they hit the mainstream, give Mystery Tackle Box a try. Chances are you’ll be rewarded with some exciting new catches this season!