penn spinfisher vi review

Penn Spinfisher VI Review: Good Anti-Corrosion Spinning Reel

Surfcasting in the ocean can wreak havoc on fishing gear. Sand, salt spray and dunkings corrode inferior reels into a frozen mess. But with Penn’s sealed Spinfisher VI, you can chase stripers and blues without fear of ruining your equipment.

Penn drew on 60+ years of saltwater experience when designing the Spinfisher VI. This reel lives up to its reputation for being able to survive and perform in the harshest saltwater environments.

In this in-depth review, I’ll cover how the Spinfisher VI holds up to repeated submersion and dunkings in the ocean. I’ll also detail how key features like the sealed spool and HT-100 drag allow it to crank in powerful gamefish without slipping.

Penn Spinfisher VI Review – A Quick Overview

The Spinfisher VI represents Penn’s latest generation saltwater spinning reel. Penn engineers used input from charter captains to create a reel that can withstand the constant soaking and sand that destroys lesser equipment.

The Spinfisher VI builds on the reputation of previous Spinfisher reels for being able to survive and perform after repeated total saltwater immersion. The spool and body seal against water to prevent salt and grit intrusion that can seize up and corrode internal parts.

HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers provide silky smooth yet powerful stopping power. Combined with a sturdy metal body and sideplate, the Spinfisher VI has the strength and durability to wrestle big fish from heavy cover.

While not the lightest reel, it provides workhorse performance for surfcasters, inshore boaters, and pier and jetty anglers. Let’s look at key features that enable the Spinfisher VI to thrive in harsh saltwater environments.

Key Features and Benefits of the Penn Spinfisher VI Spinning Reel

IPX5 Sealed Body and Spool

  • The IPX5 sealed body and spool keep out sand, salt spray, and water during total immersion. No more opening the bail to drain water after a dunking!
  • Sealing prevents salt and grit intrusion that can jam up and corrode internal components. This means consistent smooth performance.
  • The spool is sealed with HT-100 gaskets on both sides, preventing water entering from the top or bottom.
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Full Metal Body and Sideplate

  • Constructed from heavy-duty anodized aluminum for extreme durability when battling big fish.
  • The metal construction prevents body flexing under heavy loads. This allows precise gear alignment for smooth winding.
  • Metal components resist saltwater corrosion that eats away cheaper composites and plastics.

HT-100 Carbon Fiber Drag Washers

  • The HT-100 carbon fiber drag remains silky smooth under heavy pressure when hooked up to powerful fish. No jerkiness.
  • Up to 40 lb of max drag gives you serious stopping power when hooking into powerful gamefish.
  • The sealed system prevents grit and salt intrusion that degrades lesser drags. Stays smooth for years.

6 Sealed Bearings

  • 6 shielded stainless steel ball bearings provide smooth cranking while resisting corrosion.
  • The instant anti-reverse bearing ensures solid hooksets without messy backplay.
  • Advanced bearing seals prevent salt and sand contaminants from degrading the bearings.

Oversized Bail Wire and Line Roller

  • The thick bail wire and grooved roller prevent line chopping and slippage when cranking in heavy fish under high drag pressure.
  • The bail trip lever makes quick one-hand casting possible without taking your eyes off the water.

Large Capacity Spool

  • Available in sizes up to 6000 with thick 0.35mm aluminum spools. Holds plenty of heavy line and backing.
  • Enough capacity for long runs by tuna, sharks, or billfish.
  • Live capacity rings allow you to track how much line is out.

Field Testing the Penn Spinfisher VI

I extensively tested the Penn Spinfisher VI 3500 and 5500 sizes for over two months in the ocean, bays, and harbors targeting everything from stripers to bluefish to flounder. Here is how the reel performed:

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Saltwater Protection

During testing, I repeatedly dunked the reel in saltwater with zero performance issues. The sealed design lived up to its reputation for keeping water out of the spool and body.

After each soaking, the reel cranked smoothly with no sudden grinding or stiffness that would indicate salt and sand contamination.

Casting Distance and Accuracy

For a sealed metal reel, the Spinfisher VI cast surprisingly well. The spool design reduced friction and backlashes. I could bomb baits long distances, hitting targets far out in the surfline consistently.

Drag Performance

The maximum 40 lb carbon fiber HT-100 drag provided all the stopping power I needed for stripers, blues, sharks, and other hard fighters.

The drag stayed smooth with no jerkiness when tightened down. Hard charging runs simply resulted in a steady tension, not the sudden uneven grabbing that cheaper drags produce.

Corrosion Protection

Despite repeated saltwater exposure, the reel showed zero internal or external corrosion after months of use. Salt washes did not penetrate the seals or cause any deterioration in performance.

Cranking Power

The rigid metal construction and precise gear alignment provided a noticeable boost in cranking power over composite reels. When hooked up to powerful fish, I could feel the instant transmission of torque through the reel.

No matter how hard I cranked, the handle and gears remained rock solid with no twisting or flexing. This allowed me to maintain max pressure on running fish.

Noise Level

For a metal reel, the Spinfisher VI ran remarkably quiet, even under heavy loads. No grinding or squeaking noises that cheaper reels often make. Just a smooth whirring.

Ease of Maintenance

Breaking down the Spinfisher VI for maintenance took just minutes thanks to its simple and corrosion-resistant design. A quick rinse of the parts and reapplication of grease had it working like new.

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Alternatives to Consider

While a bit pricier than some competitors, the Spinfisher VI delivers a proven combination of sealing and durability. However, anglers shopping for a sealed saltwater reel may also want to check out:

Shimano Stradic Ci4+ – Lighter graphite yet highly durable construction. Similar IPX8 rating but lighter weight and higher bearings.

Daiwa Saltist – Aluminum body at a lower price point but not fully sealed in the spool.

Penn Battle III – Penn’s lower-cost option with fewer bearings but still strong HT-100 drag.

Penn Spinfisher V – The “little brother” is still a good option.

Conclusion – Built for the Surf

After months of hard use in the ocean, the Penn Spinfisher VI earned its reputation as one of the toughest and most reliable surfcasting reels money can buy. Anglers fishing daily in the waves have confidence it will hold up for years where cheaper reels quickly corrode.

While not cheap, the thoughtful durability enhancements like the IPX5 sealing, thick aluminum body, and carbon fiber drag make the Spinfisher VI worth the investment for serious surfcasters. Plus, the sealed design eliminates the need to constantly rinse and clean less protected reels after each use.

For saltwater anglers wanting worry-free reliability and the muscle to stop fast-running gamefish, the Spinfisher VI delivers. If you fish the ocean enough to ruin cheaper reels, upgrading to the Spinfisher VI will likely save you money in the long run. One less thing to think about besides anticipating the next screaming drag-peeling run!