Hawaii State Title of Accomplishment Aloha Order of Merit

Hawaii State Title of Accomplishment: Aloha Order of Merit

Introducing the Aloha Order of Merit: Hawaii state’s title of accomplishment and an exclusive recognition program that celebrates excellence and outstanding achievement in Hawaii. If you appreciate excellence and want to learn about the most accomplished individuals and organizations in Hawaii, this article is for you. 

Read on and discover the benefits of being a member of the Aloha Order of Merit, learn about its history, and explore how this program contributes to the Hawaiian community’s growth and success. 

What is the Aloha Order of Merit?

The Aloha Order of Merit is a title of accomplishment by Hawaii state founded in 1993 by the Hawaii State Legislature. This lifetime title bestowed by the governor is a way to recognize and honor individuals who have made their mark nationally or internationally in their field, contributed to achieving statehood for Hawaii, devoted themselves to improving the state, and provided extraordinary service to the state, and brought it an honor.

The Selection Process

An Aloha order of merit committee – appointed by the governor, the president of the senate, and the speaker of the house of representatives – selects nominees from members of the legislature, the governor, and the general public. This committee sets selection and induction criteria to uphold the order’s prestige, having the power to select or choose not to select any individual from the nominations received in any given year.

Hawaii’s Elite Society Honoring Achievements and Representation

Honorees may serve as emissaries for the people of Hawaii on appropriate occasions at the governor’s request. Plus, a dedicated area within the Honolulu International Airport displays honors member of the order and their achievements. The governor also can award suitable mementos to members of the order upon induction or shortly after that.

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Notable Recipients of the Aloha Order of Merit

Senator Daniel Akaka earned the first-ever Aloha Order of Merit for his dedication to the aloha spirit, contribution towards attaining statehood, devotion to advancing the state, providing extraordinary services to the state, and bringing it an honor. 

Former Gov. George Ariyoshi was inducted into the Hawaii State Aloha Order of Merit due to his impressive feats on the national and international stage, aiding the attainment of statehood, commitment to improving the state, and extraordinary service to the state.