Pflueger President Review

Pflueger President Spinning Reel Review: Reliable Workhorse

Serious anglers demand performance and durability from their gear. But for many, the price tags on premium reels push them out of reach. Enter the Pflueger President spinning reel.

The President combines smooth functioning with corrosion-resistant construction. All at a budget-friendly price that anyone can afford.

In this in-depth review, I’ll cover how the President stands up to repeated use in fresh and saltwater. Keep reading to see why it punches above its price class to become a favorite for many anglers.

Overview of the Pflueger President Spinning Reel

The Pflueger President lives up to its name by offering exceptional value. Made by one of fishing’s most trusted brands, it brings a taste of premium quality to the mid-range market.

While budget-priced, the President spins like a high-end reel thanks to features like its 10-bearing system and braid-ready spool. Corrosion-fighting components ensure years of reliability when chasing fish anywhere from ponds to the ocean.

Matching the performance of $200+ reels at half the price, the President appeals to newcomers and seasoned anglers alike. Available in a range of sizes from ultra-light to medium/heavy, it adapts to any fishing scenario.

Let’s look at some of the key features that make the President a go-to choice for fresh and saltwater fishing.

Pflueger President Review – Key Features and Benefits

10-Bearing System

  • The President runs remarkably smooth on a total of 10 stainless steel ball bearings. This level of quality is unheard of in its price range.
  • The instant anti-reverse bearing provides immediate hook sets without handle back play. You’ll hook more fish!
  • More bearings than competitors results in buttery smooth cranking and casting. No annoying grinding or stickiness.
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Lightweight Graphite Body and Rotor

  • The lightweight graphite body and rotor shed water to prevent corrosion that can freeze up lesser reels.
  • Lighter than aluminum, graphite helps reduce hand fatigue when fishing all day.
  • Graphite contributes to the reel’s impressive light weight of just 5.9 oz on the size 30 model.

Braid-Ready Spool

  • The braid-ready spool has no exposed holes for braided line to slip into. This prevents tangles and nesting.
  • Tie braid directly to the spool without needing backing. This saves money and line capacity.
  • The slow oscillation system helps prevent wind knots and snarls with braided superlines.

Sealed Drag Washers

  • Sealed drag washers keep grit and saltwater out. This prevents the drag from seizing up or getting jerky.
  • With up to 20 lb of max drag, you have the stopping power to turn hard-charging fish.
  • The multi-disc drag provides smooth startup and fluid adjustability with no sudden jerks.

Aluminum Handle and Bail Wire

  • The aluminum handle and bail wire resist saltwater corrosion that chews up lesser components.
  • The handle is comfortable to crank all day and also cutaway for improved grip when hands get wet.
  • The instant anti-reverse bearing engages the aluminum main shaft for immediate hooksets.

Corrosion-Resistant Components

  • Internal parts like the main shaft, gears and ball bearings are all stainless steel to resist corrosion.
  • The sealing and materials help prevent salt and grit intrusion which can freeze up cheaper reels.
  • Corrosion resistance means years of reliability in fresh and saltwater.

Field Testing the Pflueger President

I tested the Pflueger President 30X spinning reel over the course of two months, targeting bass, walleye, and catfish in lakes and rivers. I also used it in the ocean and bays for smaller saltwater species. Here is how it performed:

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Casting and Retrieve

The President lived up to its reputation for smoothness. Thanks to the 10-bearing system, each cast flowed off the spool with zero friction or wobble.

Cranking the handle felt consistently smooth with no gritty tight spots. The braid-ready spool prevented line snarl-ups when using thin superlines.

Drag Performance

The maximum 20 lb drag proved sufficient to stop runs from 2-5 lb fish during testing. Hard pulls emitted a steady, quiet hum from the drag.

Turning the front dial engaged the multi-disc system smoothly, without any jerkiness. The startup inertia was also smooth with no initial stickiness.

Corrosion Protection

After repeated saltwater usage, the reel showed zero corrosion effects. Salt washings and dunks did not impact performance. All components remained clean and smooth.

Comfort and Handling

Weighing just 5.9 oz, the President 30X felt light and well-balanced on most spinning rods. I experienced no hand or wrist fatigue even after 6-8 hours of casting and jigging.

The machined aluminum handle provided a comfortable grip, even when wet. The oversized knobs spun smoothly with no binding.

Noise Level

The President maintained a whisper-quiet operation. No squeaking, grinding or other annoying noises that cheaper reels often make after usage.

Ease of Maintenance

Taking apart the President was simple thanks to its basic component design. All parts cleaned up easily and re-lubed smoothly. This will make long-term maintenance a breeze.

Alternatives to Consider

The Pflueger President ranks among the smoothest and most reliable reels for under $100. But a few reels offer comparable performance:

Shimano Sedona FI – Similar lightweight, corrosion-resistant graphite construction with ample drag around the same $80 price point.

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Okuma Ceymar – A bit heavier at 8.6 oz but has strong drag in the same price bracket. Another good sealed reel.

Daiwa Crossfire – Very lightweight at 6.7 oz with a smooth multi-disc drag starting around $50.

Conclusion – You Get What You Pay For

After extensive testing, the Pflueger Presidentlived up to its reputation as a performance powerhouse beyond its price tag. For less than $100, nothing in my experience matches its flawlessly smooth 10-bearing system and corrosion fighting construction.

Everything about the President feels more refined than competitors – from the instant anti-reverse, to the braid-ready spool, to the flawless seal against grit and saltwater. This adds up to a reel that will keep performing season after season.

While cheaper reels may match the President in a few areas, none combine all its features seamlessly into a reel that punches far above its class. In the end, you get what you pay for. And for under $100, you simply can’t beat the President’s mix of quality and value.