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Big Island Hawaii Fishing Tournaments: Event Calendar 2023

Big Island Hawaii boasts a lively fishing scene, attracting both local and international fishermen to its pristine coastlines. Amidst its stunning natural beauty, the island’s popular fishing events help boost the local economy and tourism industry. This article gives you an inside scoop on some of the most anticipated tournaments of 2023, beginning with the Rock n’ Reel Hawaiian Open and the Marlin Magic Lure Tournament.

Big Island Calendar of Events 2023

Event/TournamentDatesEssential Details
Lazy Marlin HuntMarch 24-26, 2023New tournament, celebrates big spring marlins
Kona KickoffJune 24-25, 2023First event in Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series
Firecracker OpenJuly 1-2, 2023Points-based tournament for ahi and marlin species
Annual Blue Marlin World CupJuly 4, 2023One-day global tournament, one species, one winner
Kona Throw DownJuly 4-6, 2023Largest marlin in tournament is a winner-take-all prize
Skins Marlin DerbyJuly 8-9, 2023Daily prizes for largest marlin over 500 lbs
Hawaii Lure Maker’s ChallengeJuly 14-16, 2023High stakes tournament, minimum size fish is 400 lbs
Hawaiian International BillfishAugust 5-13, 2023Prestigious tournament, known for trophies and prestige
Big Island Marlin TournamentAugust 18-20, 2023Cash purse for tag and release, top 3 largest marlin
It’s a Wrap TournamentSeptember 15-17, 2023Bonus tournament following Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series

Rock n’ Reel Hawaiian Open 2023: A True Fishermen’s Fiesta

Celebrating its 20th edition this year, the Rock n’ Reel Hawaiian Open is a favorite among Big Island fishermen. With two days of splendid fishing in Kona coast waters, the event’s Total Points Team Tournament guarantees much excitement.

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It’s All About The Points: Weights and Measures

The scoring system in the Rock n’ Reel tournament is primarily based on the weight of the fish caught by each team. Tagged and released fish must accompany photo or video evidence to qualify. This exhilarating competition crowns a Grand Champion Fishing team based on the total points achieved.

Money and Glory: Event Awards and Prizes

Rock n’ Reel Hawaiian Open features both cash and merchandise prizes for top-performing teams. Categories include daily awards for Most Points of the Day and Largest Marlin of the Day. With an 80% payout of the base entry fee, the thrilling event promises sizeable rewards for its champions.

Playing by the Rules: Tournament Regulations

The International Game Fish Association (IGFA) rules apply to all catches in the tournament. Restrictions on bait and fishing line help level the playing field and maintain fairness. Fishing enthusiasts can find more detailed rules and guidelines on the official tournament website:

Marlin Magic Lure Tournament 2023: A Testament to Angling Ingenuity

The Marlin Magic Lure Tournament is another gem in the Big Island’s roster of exciting fishing events. This exclusive lure trolling competition ensures that only Blue and Black Marlin qualify as catches.

How to Join the Magic: Entry and Registration

The base entry fee for the Marlin Magic Lure Tournament stands at $2,000 per boat/team, with more golden opportunities for glory in the form of optional jackpots. Registration night on June 27th kicks off the highly anticipated 20th edition of the event, taking place on June 28th and 29th, 2023.

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Fair Play: Fishing Rules and Requirements

Once again, the IGFA rules reign supreme in the Marlin Magic Lure Tournament, along with a range of other regulations such as the use of radio channels for communication. Only lure trolling is permitted, and all eligible fish must be weighed at Jack’s Diving Locker.

Jackpot Fever: Optional Categories and Rewards

The largest marlin, TAG marlin, and OMNI Division all carry tempting jackpot options in the Marlin Magic Lure Tournament. With cash payouts ranging from 90% to 95% of entry fees, participants can go for glory in these exclusive categories, adding another layer of excitement to the event.

With the Rock n’ Reel Hawaiian Open and Marlin Magic Lure Tournament on the Big Island’s fishing horizon, there is plenty for fishing enthusiasts and amateurs alike to look forward to. These adrenaline-pumping showdowns not only promise an unforgettable experience but also reward the skilled, dedicated participants with well-earned prizes and recognition. Mark your 2023 fishing calendar and join the action, or simply come to support these exceptional events that continue to strengthen Big Island’s fishing community and tourism industry.

A Legendary Showdown: The Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament

Steeped in history and tradition, the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament packs a punch as the second oldest big game sport fishing event globally. Taking place in Kailua-Kona, this prestigious contest holds no cash prizes—only trophies and the enviable title of champion.

For a taste of true fishing prestige, enthusiasts should mark their calendars for the 61st Annual Tournament, which runs from August 5th to August 13th, 2023. With strict International Game Fish Association rules in place, the competition adheres to exceedingly high standards, attracting a global audience of elite fishing fanatics.

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2023 Big Island Tournament Extravaganza: Dates to Remember

The following is a list of tournament dates that should not be missed by Big Island fishing enthusiasts:

  • Lazy Marlin Hunt: March 24-26, 2023
  • Kona Kickoff: June 24-25, 2023
  • Firecracker Open: July 1-2, 2023
  • Annual Blue Marlin World Cup: July 4, 2023
  • Kona Throw Down: July 4-6, 2023
  • Skins Marlin Derby: July 8-9, 2023
  • Hawaii Lure Maker’s Challenge: July 14-16, 2023
  • Big Island Marlin Tournament: August 18-20, 2023
  • It’s a Wrap Tournament: September 15-17, 2023

Tournament Highlights: A Snapshot of Fishing Fun

Each tournament on Big Island’s packed 2023 calendar offers its unique blend of excitement and challenge. Highlights include the Lazy Marlin Hunt, which focuses on spring’s “big girls,” the Kona Kickoff as the first event in the Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series, and the thrilling Firecracker Open that rewards catches with sizable points for the base purse.

Global contenders are sure to join the Annual Blue Marlin World Cup on July 4th in pursuit of the elusive “one winner only” status. The Skins Marlin Derby delivers a marlin showdown like no other, while the Hawaii Lure Maker’s Challenge and Big Island Marlin Tournament showcase high stakes and lucrative prizes.

Finally, the It’s a Wrap Tournament fittingly concludes the vibrant fishing season at Honokohau Harbor, Kona, with a bonus event for Hawaii Marlin Tournament Series participants.

Catch the Excitement: Join Big Island’s Tournament Frenzy

From casual observers to seasoned professionals, Big Island Hawaii’s rich fishing events calendar has something for everyone. The tournaments outlined in this article form the backbone of the island’s thriving fishing community, drawing tourists, bolstering the economy, and offering participants the experience of a lifetime.

Whether you’re looking to join in the fun or simply cheer from the sidelines, these exciting fishing tournaments should not be missed. Raise the anchor, assemble your crew, and set sail for an unforgettable 2023 fishing season on the Big Island of Hawaii.