ferry from oahu to maui

Is There a Ferry From Oahu to Maui?

When planning a trip to Hawaii, island hopping is often on the bucket list. In this article, we will discuss travel options between Oahu and Maui, with a focus on ferry travel. Unfortunately, there is currently no passenger ferry service between Oahu and Maui. However, there are alternative travel options available.

Ferry Services in Hawaii

Although there is no direct ferry service between Oahu and Maui, the only ferry service available in Hawaii is the Maui-Lanai Expeditions, which connects Maui to the island of Lanai. This ferry service does not extend to Oahu. In the past, there was a ferry service called Hawaii Superferry that operated from 2003 to 2009, connecting Oahu and Maui. However, the service ceased operations and attempts to bring it back have been unsuccessful.

Alternatives to Ferry Travel

Inter-Island Air Travel

Flying is the predominant method of inter-island travel in Hawaii. Most flights route through Honolulu Airport (HNL) on Oahu. Hawaiian Airlines has the largest inter-island fleet, but other airlines, like Southwest Airlines, offer free checked bags for your convenience. Another option is Mokulele Airlines, which flies with smaller propeller-type planes. Inter-island flights generally cost around $150 for a roundtrip ticket. Read more about cheap flights to Hawaii.

Private Boat Charter

If you prefer a more personalized travel experience, you can also consider a private boat charter. This option can be more expensive but provides a unique way to explore the islands at your own pace.


Another alternative is to book a Hawaiian cruise that includes stops at various islands, including Oahu and Maui. This option allows you to enjoy the journey and explore multiple islands without the hassle of organizing transportation between them.

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Tips for Traveling Between Oahu and Maui

Before booking your trip, check travel guidelines and restrictions to ensure a smooth journey. Plan your trip in advance and have all necessary documents ready. Consider transportation options to and from the airport, as well.

Getting from Maui to Pearl Harbor (Oahu)

Since there is no ferry service between Maui and Oahu, the only option to visit Pearl Harbor from Maui is to fly into Honolulu Airport. From there, you can take the Oahu bus for $3 per person or an Uber to Pearl Harbor. Renting a car is also an option. Pearl Harbor has both free and paid activities for visitors to enjoy.

Hawaii Island Hopping

A popular island hopping destination is from Oahu to Maui. Oahu is known for its bustling city life, rich history, and beautiful beaches, while Maui is famous for its stunning beaches, lush rainforests, and natural attractions. Travel options between the islands include air travel, ferry (currently unavailable), private boat charter, and cruises. There are also day trip options available from Oahu to Maui.


In summary, there is currently no ferry service between Oahu and Maui, but there are alternative travel options to explore. Whether you choose to fly, charter a private boat, or take a cruise, be sure to make the most of your trip and enjoy all that these beautiful islands have to offer.