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Salt Away Review: Saves Your Fishing Gear from Corrosion

Dragging your tackle from a long day battling salty bruisers, the last thing you need is dealing with sticky, corroded gear. But no matter how religiously you rinse, the salt keeps building up trip after trip.

Before you know it, your expensive rods and reels look like they survived a shipwreck instead of a little saltwater. The corrosion starts subtly with stiffness and grinding, but soon leads to seized gears and broken parts.

You’ve tried soap and elbow grease but are fighting a losing battle against the relentless salt. Isn’t there an easy way to remove salt and prevent lasting damage?

Turns out there is – Salt Away’s salt removing formula effortlessly conquers salt buildup on fishing equipment without harming finishes and components.

After testing it across reels, rods, lures, and electronics, I’m convinced this non-toxic cleaner is the magic potion every saltwater angler needs.

In this review tailored for anglers, you’ll learn how Salt Away quickly dissolves stubborn salt deposits while being completely safe on fishing gear. Say goodbye to creaky reels and sticky drag washers!

Salt Away Review – Purpose-Built Salt Remover

Salt Away from SaltWorks is a salt cleaning and removing product designed specifically for dissolving and rinsing away sodium chloride deposits.

The concentrated formula dilutes 10:1 with freshwater to create a versatile cleaning solution. Spray it on filthy gear after a saltwater trip and let it work its magic before a quick rinse.

Key traits make Salt Away perfectly suited for cleaning fishing tackle:

  • Safely removes corrosive salt from reels, rods, lures, electronics
  • Rinses away grime, grease, barnacles, and algae
  • Biodegradable formula won’t harm the environment
  • Leaves zero chemical residue after washing
  • Restores smooth performance by preventing salt buildup
  • Extends gear lifespan by reducing corrosion
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With a simple application by spraying or soaking, Salt Away promises to effortlessly conquer damaging salt accumulation. But does it deliver when put to the test?

Field Testing Salt Away on Reels, Rods, Boats, Engine, and More

Over a saltwater fishing season, I used Salt Away to remove salt buildup from reels, rods, lures, tools, and electronics. Following the label, I diluted it and applied by spraying or soaking before rinsing.

Here’s how it handled the salty grime that so often plagues fishing tackle:

Reels: Salt Away dissolved the sticky salt, grease, and grime fouling reels after saltwater trips. A quick wipe down brought crusty reels back to smooth, like-new performance.

Guides: Sprayed on rod guides encrusted with salt deposits, it quickly dissolved the buildup away with minimal scrubbing needed.

Lures: Soaking crankbaits, jigs, and jigheads in Salt Away loosened paint and dissolved corrosion caused by saltwater exposure.

Pliers: Salt seized pliers sprayed with Salt Away were freed up and restored to smooth operation after sitting just 15 minutes.

Electronics: Gently sprayed on fish finders and trolling motor housings, it removed grimy salt residue without harming the sensitive components.

Any angler who battles saltwater corrosion should keep Salt Away handy for its ability to quickly yet safely conquer salt damage on tackle.

Key Salt Away Features and Fishing Benefits

Let’s take a closer look at the features that make Salt Away well-suited for cleaning fishing gear:

Proprietary Salt Removal Formula

It quickly dissolves even thick salt deposits fouling reels and rods, removing the main source of corrosion.

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Soaking reels in Salt Away liquefied salt buildup that prevented smooth cranking and dragged operations.

Non-Toxic and Biodegradable

It won’t damage sensitive rod finishes, reel components, or harm the environment when used and rinsed.

Guides, graphite rods, aluminum reels showed no damage from Salt Away application, just removal of salt.

Loosens Grime and Grease

Along with salt removal,this product tackles sticky grime, grease, algae, and barnacles fouling tackle. It dissolved dried grease fouling drag washers and algae/crud staining rod wraps back to like-new condition.

Leaves No Residue

Salt Away rinses totally clean without leftover chemical residue that could further corrode gear. The reels and tools sprayed and rinsed showed no residue, just removal of encrusting salts.

Any dedicated angler needs Salt Away’s unique abilities in their tackle maintenance kit.

Alternatives to Salt Away for Cleaning Gear

While extremely effective, Salt Away isn’t the only salt cleaner out there. Alternatives like Salt-X and soap have pros and cons:

Salt-X: Also dissolves salt well but pre-mixed formula is more expensive per use. Limited grime removal.

Soap and Water: Cheap and harmless but extremely slow and labor-intensive for removing salt buildup and corrosion.

WD-40: Lubricates and prevent rust but doesn’t actively remove encrusted salt deposits fouling gear.

For quickly and safely removing built-up salt from fishing tackle, Salt Away stands above these options in both effectiveness and value.

The Verdict – My Go-To Salt Cleaner for Tackle

After repeated first-hand testing, Salt Away has cemented itself as an essential part of my fishing gear maintenance routine.

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The water-based formula simply works wonders, melting even the thickest salt deposits with minimal effort. It also leaves my equipment residue-free and protected from ongoing corrosion.

While not cheap upfront, the concentrated formula stretches a long way through multiple dilutions. And it saves money in the long run by extending the lifespan of expensive rods, reels, and electronics vulnerable to salt damage.

Any angler battling the inevitable salt assault needs Salt Away at their side. This purpose-built salt remover helps you win the war against corrosion and keep your tackle buttery smooth. Give your gear new life and pick up a jug of Salt Away – you and your equipment will be glad you did!